Interview with SFC's head of referee organisation

Interview with Oscar Forsberg, Head of SFC's referee org. 2020.

Hi Oscar, can you please tell us how the referee management organisation will be structured during SFC 2020?

Together with me, we will have four arena managers who will work in a close team to make sure the referee organisation run smoothly before, during and after the cup.

Who are the arena managers this year?

The team consists of me, Allan Shohani and Ahmed Ibrahim - all of us was arena managers during SFC 2019. In addition to us, we also have Rusen Yilmaz who is new to the cup.

Can you tell us a little more about you?

I am classified as chief referee in the men's division 5 in Stockholm, and also practice as an assistent referee in division 3. Outside the football, I study to become an architect at KTH in Stockholm and like to exercise, paint and hang out with friends and family.

Do we have any news for SFC 2020?

Yes, we will expand our three-referee system. This means the teams will have a bigger chance to play with three referees also in the group play. This is something we believe will be appriciated by the players and team leaders!

Why is SFC a great football cup?

It is fantastic to be part of an cup that invest so much in the quality of the referee organisation, it will definitly boozt the cup experience for all participants!

And of course, it's amazing to see the establishment of a big international youth football cup in Stockholm - my home town.

Is there anything you want to add?

I hope to see you all at SFC 2020, it will be an fantastic football weekend!

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