The most common questions with answers are presented on this page

Q : Is it far between the school where we will be accomodated and the pitches where we will play? 
A : The SFC puts a lot of effort into compressing the geographic area of the cup to minimize transport distances. As far as possible, the intention is that the teams that stay in schools play the group games at nearby pitches. 

Q: How do you get to the pitches?
A: In the group games it should be short distances between the accomodation and the pitches. If not walking distance you´d better go with SL (public transportation).

Q: Do you eat at the schools where you stay or in a central location, for example at the pitches?
A: You eat at the school where you stay, but all the schools and halls with accomodation will not have a dining room for dining. Therefore, some teams will go to the nearest school to have meals. However, there should be no long transport distances.

Q : If you live in Stockholm, but still want to be accomodated with the team in a school; it is possible?
A : Yes, you can register for accommodation in schools or hotels, even if you live in Stockholm. However, the teams from outside of Stockholm will have priority if there is a lack of school accommodation. 

Q : How do you get from the Central Station to the accommodation if you come by train?
A : Best is to take the subway or bus to the school with SL. Please let us know if you want us to send the SL cards in advance to you. 

Q : How many leaders are allowed per team? 
A : Maximum 6 leaders per team can be registered on the team layout form. More leaders can help out during the cup, but maximum 6 leaders may coach the team during a game. 

Q: Are there showers at the pitches or at the schools?
A: At most pitches that the cup uses, there are changing rooms with showers. However, there will be many teams sharing changing rooms, so the SFC recommends that you shower in the schools.

Q: Where is Eriksdalsbadet swimming facilities located?
A: Sweden's national arena for swimming is located in southern Södermalm - see map.

Q: Where can relatives of the teams stay during the cup days?
A : SFC has agreements with hotels, also for relatives and fellow travelers. Booking is made through codes that the SFC can provide. Please send mail with a request for accommodation for accompanying supporters.